Timeline and Next Steps

Over the next 6 months, Campus Planning will engage with staff, faculty and students and collaborate with campus and regional stakeholders, including the City of Kelowna and BC Transit to develop the Transportation Plan.


The Transportation Plan is being developed through a five-phase process including:

  1. Existing Conditions, Issues/Opportunities, and Problem Definition
  2. Plan Vision and Objectives, Ideas Generation, and Measures of Success
  3. Action & Strategy Review and Scenario Development
  4. Preferred Scenario Evaluation and Draft Transportation Plan
  5. Final Transportation Plan

Transportation Plan timeline


Next Steps

Your ideas and feedback on the draft vision and objectives, in combination with further technical work, will inform the future phases of the Transportation Plan development. The next stage of the planning process is to develop scenarios or “bundles” of strategies and actions that will be evaluated against the objectives and other criteria such as cost. These scenarios will be presented as part of the next phase of public consultation in spring 2021.

Stakeholder Groups

The following groups have been engaged in the planning process:

Internal UBC Stakeholders:

  • Athletics & Recreation
  • Campus Operations & Risk Management
  • Disability Resource Centre
  • Faculty from Management, Science and Engineering
  • Food Services
  • Health & Wellness
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Residence Life
  • Student Housing & Hospitality Services
  • UBC Students’ Union Okanagan
  • UBCycles

External Stakeholders:

  • City of Kelowna Policy and Planning
  • City of Kelowna Integrated Transportation


  • Urban Systems
  • Nelson Nygaard