Campus Planning responsibilities include transportation and mobility analysis and planning.

Transportation Reports & Studies

Annual Transportation Status Reports
A biennial transportation data collection and monitoring program for the UBC Okanagan campus was initiated in 2009. The 2009 data are used as the “benchmark” conditions against which progress in future years can be measured. The reports present a summary of the data collected each year and provides a comparison to future years to identify changes in travel patterns and demands.

2009 UBCO Transportation Survey
This report presents the results of the 2009 UBC Okanagan Transportation Survey, which was undertaken in October 2009. This survey was conducted to identify transportation needs at the Okanagan campus and to inform transportation planning.

Bus Shelter

Provincial E-Bike Rebate Program

One of the key objectives of UBCO’s Transportation Plan is to encourage and prioritize the use of active and sustainable modes of transportation.

As of June 1, 2023, BC’s new e-bike rebate program will assist in encouraging a shift towards active transportation. Rebates up to $1,400 on the purchase of an approved e-bike are available for eligible BC residents, subject to program requirements and funding availability (presently there is a waitlist as current applications are being assessed for approval).

Members of the UBCO Campus Community are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity by visiting BC’s E-Bike Rebate Program website as soon as possible, for more information or to join the waitlist.

Traffic Management Plans

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is required in cases where any work or activity impacts circulation and access on the UBC Okanagan campus for pedestrians, cyclists, public transit and motor vehicles.

The objectives of a TMP are to:

  • Maintain public safety at all times
  • Minimize impacts to the public domain particularly during peak university operating hours
  • Provide users with advanced warning of impacts and direct them to alternative routes if necessary.

A TMP is to be prepared by the project applicant and submitted to Campus Operations & Risk Management (CORM) for review and approval by UBC Okanagan’s TMP Committee prior to initiating any construction.  The TMP application form to be completed and submitted to the CORM Office by the project applicant can be found here.

Universal Accessibility

UBC is committed to improving the way students, faculty, staff and visitors access and navigate our campuses. Regardless of age, background, interest or ability, we want to remove any significant barriers that would prevent individuals from being able to participate as independent members of the campus community.

We recognize that accessibility is an integral part of being a safe, healthy, sustainable campus community, and that it plays an important role in the design and development of UBC’s physical landscape and spaces. A truly accessible campus environment enables people of all abilities to lead full, active lives and thrive socially and intellectually.