The UBC Okanagan campus is a distinctive expression of UBC’s commitment to being a place of transformative learning, research excellence and engagement, and aspires to be a place of impact – both regionally and globally. The UBC Okanagan Campus Plan, and its supporting policies and plans, identify how to manage future campus growth and development in support of these aspirations.

Since our Okanagan campus is located within the City of Kelowna, all development on campus is subject to the City’s bylaws, permit regulations and approval process. We work in tandem with the City of Kelowna to ensure that the campus develops in line with the needs of our students, faculty and staff as well as the community at large.

On campus, the UBC Okanagan Campus Plan, and the UBC Okanagan Design Guidelines, in support of UBC’s strategic plan and academic mission, guide the physical planning of UBC Okanagan, provide the foundation for developing and evaluating proposed physical changes, and help shape the University’s form, character and landscape. Supplementing these plans, are the UBC Wayfinding: Exterior Signage Standards and Guidelines, which establish a palette of consistent sign types and specifications for all exterior campus signage.

The UBC Okanagan Whole Systems Infrastructure Plan (WSIP) establishes an implementation framework to guide the physical development and design of the Okanagan campus that supports sustainable growth, community well being and ecological resilience.

In response to the Whole Systems Infrastructure Plan, the Integrated Rainwater Management Plan (IRMP) provides a technical guide to responsibly manage 100% of the rainwater that falls on campus and sustainably accommodate future campus growth.

In conformance with the City of Kelowna’s requirements, the Wildland Fire Management Plan aims to reduce the threat of wildfire and informs development and natural landscape management on campus.

The Utility Corridor Plan sets out the locations of existing and future infrastructure (water, sewer, gas, etc.) to inform the orderly development of services and utilities on campus, in support of The UBC Okanagan Campus Plan.

For consultants who provide development services to UBC, the UBC Technical Guidelines serve as an official guide.