September 2020:

A transportation plan is being developed to establish a long-term vision and strategies for more convenient, affordable and sustainable ways for people to get to, from and around campus.


UBC Okanagan continues to grow to meet the needs of the university and the region. Over the past five years there have been more academic buildings, housing and roads added to the campus and its surroundings. In parallel, the campus community has expressed interest in more active and sustainable transportation options.

UBC Okanagan Campus Planning is undertaking the development of a comprehensive Transportation Plan to create both an efficient system for transportation to and from campus and a more compact, sustainable and walkable campus. Together, these changes seek to improve health and well-being as well as reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The development of the Transportation Plan will involve regional stakeholders including the City of Kelowna, BC Transit, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and others.

Key Drivers

UBC Okanagan continues to implement the 2015 Campus Plan and an integrated Transportation Plan is an important next step in campus planning that will improve campus experience and support a much-needed shift to more sustainable modes of transportation.

The Plan will enable the UBC community to use more sustainable forms of transportation, like biking, walking and taking transit. It also supports UBC’s Climate Emergency Declaration and advances real change by reducing GHG emissions. At 54 per cent, GHG emissions from commuting represent the largest component of UBCO’s emissions. Access to convenient, reliable and affordable sustainable transportation options will get people out of their cars and improve their health and well-being while reducing GHG emissions.

Transportation Plan Process

The Transportation Plan will provide a long-term vision for transportation at the Okanagan campus, establishing transportation targets, recommendations for near-term improvements and supportive policies, programs and actions.

The UBC Okanagan Transportation Plan is being developed in parallel with the Climate Action Plan 2030 and is informed by the outcomes from the UBC’s Climate Emergency Engagement process.

The planning process involves input from experts, campus stakeholders, community members and regional partners. Over the next 10 months, Campus Planning will engage with the university administration, operational staff (i.e. housing, parking services), student leadership and faculty leaders. The City of Kelowna and BC Transit will also be collaborators in the Plan.

There will also be two phases of public consultation with the campus community:

  • The first phase will take place in Fall 2020 and will provide an opportunity to learn about and provide feedback on the transportation vision for the campus and the emerging strategies and infrastructure improvements.
  • The second phase of consultation will be in early 2021 and will be an opportunity to review the draft transportation plan and provide feedback to refine the plan before it is finalized.

Visit this webpage later this fall to learn more and share your ideas and shape the future of transportation at UBC Okanagan.