The UBC Okanagan Campus Plan envisions University Way as a future “Main Street” at the heart of campus that will bring people together for informal gatherings, learning, festivals and celebrations.

Vision for the Redesign of University Way

The vision for transforming this portion of University Way from a roadway to a pedestrian and bicycle-only “Main Street” at the heart of campus reflects the input received from the campus community through The UBC Okanagan Campus Plan process.

In support of the vision, the following goals, affirmed through Phase 1 Public Consultation on the University Way project in Spring 2016, have informed the development of the proposed design for University Way:

  • establish University Way as a vibrant, year-round social and functional cross-road on campus
  • create a welcoming point of arrival to the Okanagan campus that reflects its unique setting and is befitting of a world-class university
  • enhance community life, safety and universal accessibility on campus
  • take a whole systems/sustainability approach to the landscape and urban design, and
  • anticipate how future planned academic buildings for Parking Lots A and F will integrate with the street.

What is the UBC Okanagan Campus Plan?

The UBC Okanagan Campus Plan provides a long-term planning framework for existing and future academic and research activities, student housing, and associated campus services and infrastructure for the next 20 years.

The Campus Plan was approved by the UBC Board of Governors in September 2015 and was developed with input from the campus community and stakeholders.