Vision and Objectives

The Transportation Plan Vision and objectives were developed in collaboration with campus stakeholders and then further refined based on feedback gathered in the November 2020 public engagement process.

Transportation Plan Vision

“UBC Okanagan envisions a resilient, connected and equitable transportation system for the campus and region. Together with our community and partners, we will enable sustainable, healthy and affordable travel choices for getting to and from campus – enhancing the UBC Okanagan experience and demonstrating leadership in climate action.”

We heard broad support for the vision from participants in the November 2020 public consultation, with the majority of respondents either stating general support or focusing on specific parts of the vision that most resonated with them.

Objectives to Support the Vision

The objectives articulate the direction UBC Okanagan needs to go if we are to achieve the Vision.

  1. Reduce emissions associated with travel through trip-reduction, mode share shift and decarbonizing/ electrifying modes.
  2. Expand transportation choice and flexibility to match modal choices to trip type, maintain affordability and manage transition over time.
  3. Improve the experience and safety of travel for people of all ages and abilities through improved comfort, convenience, accessibility, and reduced travel times.
  4. Encourage and prioritize the use of active and sustainable modes like transit, walking, cycling and other forms of micromobility.
  5. Support the development of a mixed-use and compact campus community to use land efficiently, improve walkability, and contribute to vibrancy of public spaces.
  6. Be a catalyst for change and leader in innovation for sustainable transportation that leverages new and emerging technologies to drive broader cultural shifts.
  7. Ensure long-term resilience and adaptability to changing needs by remaining nimble in the face of technological, social, cultural and environmental change.


In the November 2020 public consultation, participants were largely supportive of the seven Plan objectives. The majority of people said that each of the objectives was either Very Important or Important to them, with similar levels of support across all objectives.

Learn more about Phase 1 of public engagement by reading the Public Engagement Summary report here.